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From Bogota, Colombia, 1984 guy with an always extravagant vibe. Founder and President of From over 10 years George has made TheCrazyCities .com a hub where kindness is free full of great vibe, with his creation Travel Restaurant, Bar and event venue concept, entertainment meets street food and crazy drinks.


Since the creation of TheCrazyCities and before knowing what the capacity to create a place connected online and in a real venue. TheCrazyCities its been a hub for "crazy" information about on how to travel in different cities, tips like restaurants, bars, venues, museums, graffiti, underground street art and music.

George has been collecting experiences 



Starting in the service industry back in 2005, George maintain always a great attitude and relationship with costumers hosting different events with all type of vibes. Once in 2015 crazy ATLanta in Downtown started operating, George has been the main contact for TheCrazyCities Atlanta, from techno and house all the way to rap/hiphop, birthdays, reunions, christmasy and NYE or any type of event. "Is not about how many come to an event is about who's coming to the event"


the passion of George for traveling the world has been the main fuel of TheCrazyCities to exist, places in the world are all unique, is always great to meet people abroad because the exchange on thoughts and culture make the traveling something unique on any one. The traveling will always be an important key for the content at our company, travel tips that George will share via are always with the intention of inform about traveling.

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