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TheCrazyCities is a traveling hub that offers travel tips in 130 cities world wide, from restaurants, bars, museums, nightlife, entertainment an more...

TheCrazyCities.TV is that made by crazy but kind people, no-one can determinate what can be crazy, from traveling, experiences or anything you can come out with.

From events big to small the Crazy Cities has you covered. Offering our customizable Unlimited Food & Drink Packages, let us take your event to the next level.

Visit our 1st Travel Restaurant, Bar and Venue in the city od ATLanta, created by George Malagon for TheCrazyCities.com

Street food, NOT, fast food

The Crazy Cities bring taste from all around the globe and with our own touch, we have curated the a uniques collection of Crazy signature Cocktails.


From our event packs customizable Unlimited Food & Drink to our crazy t-shirts, hats, hoodies and more..


crazyREGGAETON Finals - July 2021
Location is TBD Vote For your city!
crazyREGGAETON Finals - July 2021
Location is TBD
crazyREGGAETON Finals - July 2021
Location is TBD
crazyREGGAETON Grand Finale - July 2021
Location is TBD


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