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Hello Family, we take the health and safety of our team and guests extremely seriously. In compliance with recommendations from local health officials, we are open TheCrazyCities and have implemented safety & hygiene policies to keep us all safe.

Reopening Guidelines

  1. Screen and evaluate workers who exhibit signs of illness such as a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahren- heit, cough, or shortness of breath.

  2. Require workers who exhibit signs of illness to not report to work or to seek medical attention.

  3. Train all employees on the impor- tance and expectation of increased frequency of handwash- ing, the use of hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, and provide clear instruction to avoid. touching hands to face.

  4. Require all employees to wear face coverings at all times. Such cover- ings shall be cleaned or replaced daily.

  5. Avoiding employees standing adjacent to one another or next to each other. Where six feet of separation is not possible consider spacing options that include other mitigation efforts with increased frequency of clean- ing and sanitizing surfaces.

  6. Prohibit handshaking and other unnecessary person to person contact in the workplace

  7. Between dinners, clean and sani- tize table condiments, digital ordering devices, check presenters, self-service areas, tabletops, and commonly touched areas, and discarding single-use items.

  8. The use of disposable plastic and paper, for plates, glasses and utensils.

  9. NON-Touch menu, come to the bar and the screen will show you the entire menu.

  10. Update floor plans for common dining areas, redesigning seating arrangement to ensure at least six feet of separation from seating to seating. Utilize physical barriers on booth seating when available.

  11. Limit party size at tables to no more than 25.

  12. Hand sanitizer for use by patrons, including contactless hand sanitizing stations when available.

Elbow Greetings

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